Beyond the Seas

Beyond the Seas

I will build a boat

And cast it in water

I will sail away from this strange land

Where there is no one to awaken the heroes

In the glade of love

A boat void of nets

And a heart with no desire for pearls

I will keep sailing

Neither will I lose heart to the blues

,Nor to the mermaids

Emerging out of water to cast the charms of their locks

Upon the glowing solitude of the fishermen

.I will keep sailing

:I will keep chanting

.One should sail away and away

Men of that town had no myths

.Woman of that town were not as full as a bunch of grapes

No hall mirrors reflected joys

No puddles reflected a torch

One should sail away and away

Night has chanted its song

It is now the windows turn

I will keep chanting

I will keep sailing

Beyond the seas there is a town

Where windows are open to manifestation

The rooftops are inhabited by pigeons

Gazing at the Jets of Human Intelligence

Every ten-year-old child holds a Bough of knowledge

The townsfolk gaze at a brick row

As if at a flame, or at a delicate dream

The earth can hear the music of your feelings

The fluttering wings of mythical birds are audible in the wind

Beyond the seas there is a town

Where the Sun is as big as the eyes of early-risers

Poets are the inheritors of water, wisdom, and light

Beyond the seas there is a town

One should build a boat

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